Does It Bother You To Purchase Certain Personal Items Locally?

Have you ever run into an acquaintance at the super market when your shopping basket is filled to overflowing with personal items you would just as soon they didn't see

The items aren't illegal, or even that unusual, but just things that are private, and standing there visiting with all those personal items in plain view makes you wish you had chosen another day to go shopping.  But, even if you had, there is no guarantee you wouldn't have run into some other friend or acquaintance.

Let's face it.  Most of us would really prefer not to have our neighbor down the street know what brand of hair dye we use to keep that gray streak out of our hair, or that we were buying 3 large containers of Pepto Bismol.  And we definitely don't want them wondering why there is a super-sized pack of Trojans in the cart.  (Guess we should have tucked that one underneath something a little less titillating.  We should have known that would be the day we would run into somebody we knew.
And what if that somebody is the pastor of my church, and he sees  those cigarettes and bottles of wine? 

Of course there is a whole host of other things we might prefer to keep to ourselves, like adult diapers, hair growth products, acne treatment, wart removers, wrinkle creams, hair removers, etc.  You probably have a have an even longer list if you stop to think about it.

But, instead of thinking about how you hope no one you know will catch you with a basket full of these products, why not think instead about how you can remove any chance of that ever happening again by buying those products online?

Here at, Nobody's Business But Mine, we have gathered a  number of these products together and you can order them online where nobody needs to know what is in your basket but you.  And, if you order a number of these products at the same time, you will probably meet the qualifications for free shipping, too, as well as having the luxury of sitting back and waiting for them to arrive at your door, packaged so that even your snoopiest neighbor will have no idea what is inside.

The money you save in gas alone by not having to drive around town to do your shopping should insure a nice dinner out once a month, or even a movie or two, depending on how many items you purchase from the Nobody's Business But Mine Store.  

Why not sit back  and take a little tour of the store right now to see if any of our products interest you  Simply clicking on the image of any product will take you Amazon, one of the most trusted sources online,  where you can order it and know that it will be on its way in just a few hours.

And don't forget to check back from time to time as new products will be added regularly. 



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*If you have enjoyed shopping with us, feel free to leave a comment for us, or request an item that you didn't find here and we'll do our best to include it if possible.  Nothing illegal or pornographic of course. 

(We do make a small profit from each item purchased through our site, and appreciate the fact that you took the time to check us out.)